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We have been helping children in Nigeria since 2010. Despite Nigeria being oil-rich, hundreds of thousands live in crippling poverty. Crime and HIV/AIDS are on the increase. We help vulnerable children with free education and also provide support to their families.
With CLIM Children's School, you can help orphaned and less privileged children in Nigeria by sponsoring a child education..


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In Nigeria, poverty and HIV/AIDS impact the lives of millions
Around 63% of’s population live in abject poverty. Many thousands live in shacks without the basics like clean water and sanitation, needed to provide stability. An increase in crime and violence in some areas has made life increasingly dangerous for the people of Nigeria
HIV/AIDS has a terrible impact on the people of Nigeria. Approximately 3.3 million are living with the disease and over 200,000 die every year.

Children in Nigeria

  • In Nigeria, around 15 million children are engaged in child labour, many in very dangerous conditions. Some children work in hazardous industries, where they are potentially exposed to toxic fumes and dangerous machinery.
  • About 360,000 children live with HIV/AIDS. The disease is a major cause of the increasing poverty in the country. Children with the disease, or who live with people with the disease, face issues such as losing their parents, neglect and social discrimination.
  • The child mortality rate stands at 138 per 1,000 live births. Around 30% of children under the age of five are underweight.



    • Our first School in Nigeria was established in LekkiAjah, a suburb of Lagos, in 2013 which started as a Vocational Training centre and in 2016 CLIM  Welfare Nursery and primary School. The children receive their education at the CLIM Welfare Nursery and Primary in Lagos.
    • Ota
    • With the need for a second school in Nigeria, we opened the second CLIM Children's School in Ota also in 2016.
    • We are already planning a community support project which will be opened in the centre of Lagos in 2017. It will provide a variety of social programmes including skills training for women and assistance and support for people affected by HIV/AIDS.
    • We also have plan to acquire A proportion of the large site that will be used to set up a small farming project where cassava, yam, plantains, corn,Tomatoes and vegetable  to provide food for the family of orphans and the less privileged in our  CLIM Children school.

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CLIM Children School is not political and sponsored children are given the best free education and love God.
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